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The Final Paper
This is an animation I made celebration the handing in of my last term paper for college.
Animated Schematic
My job at Barnickel Engineering was to create an animated Schematic for their heating system to show all the components it includes.
Nick Fury
A parody of the post credit scene in the first Iron Man movie.
I had the fortunate opprotunity to use a cintiq. I decided to use that time to make this. Finished within 6 hours.
A short in digital storytelling. It is an exercise in video and audio editing for telling a story. Based on a true story in my life.
When I Was Young
A short in digital storytelling, an exercise in in video and audio editing for telling a story. Based off a true story by Tom Harding, voiced by Marc Schindler.
This is an experiment in visual poetry, to accompany the text with imagery to convey the poem’s message. Peom written by Christine Keely.
Random Films
This is a 3D animation of a logo I designed for myself. A production company name I use for non-professional works.