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Graphic Design

Booth Graphics
Graphics for a trade show booth
Refurbishment Banner
Promotional Banner.
Thomas Drilling Company
Concept logos for a client.
Schramm Flyers
Trade show flyers created for the company Schramm2nd Flyer
A flyer created for the healthcare assistance group OpenPlus
Planetcare Info-graph
An info graph created for an environmental group
Auto Claims Solutions
During an internship I was asked to come up with a logo design for a company called Auto Claims Solutions.
PA Gaming Association
During my Echo Group internship I was asked to make a logo for the PA Gaming Association. Here are several drafts.
American Historical Theatre
These are logo designs for the American Historical Theatre who are education performers for U.S. history.
American Historical Theatre
Business cards and mailing labels for American Historical Theatre
Boy Scout Pamphlet
A pamphlet for the Boy Scouts of America
Using words to describe myself
Experiment with a quote
The summer’s latest catch phrase
Generic Event
It felt like forever since I made a poster design or really worked with typography, but I didn’t have an event to make it for. So I made up one.