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Wedding Gift 1
A wedding gift for my sister and her husband.
Wedding Gift 2
A wedding gift for my brother and his wife.
A piece of art used to emphasis space and depth using the contrast of lighting, with perspective, and scaling.
The Wolverine – Photo manipulation
A Photo manipulation I did for fun. Imagining what the costume seen in the alternate ending of the 2013 film for The Wolverine would look like.
Wasp – Photo manipulation
A Photo manipulation exercise of applying a male costume to a female. In this case, taking the villains costume from Ant-Man and applying to the female lead of the film Evangeline Lily.
World’s Finest- Photo manipulation
The Photo manipulation exercise using the frame of a movie and turn it into another franchise. Here, it is a scene from The Avengers with Superman and Batman inserted instead.
This piece was to make a photograph look like a highly detailed drawing.
Super Powers
A request to for friends to look like their favorite super heroes.
Mary Turns 2
A children’s book I illustrated for my niece when she turned two years old.
Trolls Tasting Tea
Monsters can be civilized too.
Self Portrait
A self portrait created by looking at myself in the mirror.
A self portrait I made by looking at myself in the mirror.
But Not Impossible
There was an art contest using the theme of “robots” so I decided to make this number. This is what I love about being a digital artist, even though it was a lot of work it was still fun to make.
Sketch of live model using a charcoal texture technique in Adobe Photoshop. Using an emphasis on light and shadow.
An illustration of a dog frighten by a cell phone
Sketches Gallery
These are sketches I made drawing from a live model. All of the following are the same gallery. 234
Father and Child
A request to make a photograph look like a highly detailed drawing.
Grandfather Rock!
Records, 8-Track, cassettes, CDs and it even keeps pretty good time.
Based on a logo I made for myself; I decided to try my hand at drawing it with flames.
He just wants to be loved
It seems your idea has legs.
Swine Flu Buddies
Made for a stand up comedian in the UK where the government recommended the need to have a Swine Flu Buddy.